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Portrait of an Unconventional Senior Lawyer

  Achieving the imagery you desire is directly related to your ability to communicate these wishes to me, your photographer. In this case, Amanda did just that. We worked together to achieve an outcome we were both really happy with. A senior lawyer with an unconventional style, Amanda wanted something that reflected this style so together we worked on the lighting style, background colour and clothing until we settled on the following look, which we both loved. One of the best ways to collect ideas for your profile photo shoot is to use Pinterest. Gathering samples and putting them into albums helps you collate your preferences before sharing them with me. You can also check out my Pinterest page , which has many useful ideas already collected over the years. About the author Nina Beilby is a professional photographer (AAS PP Honors) and photography educator with a background in corporate IT. Based in Sydney but travels the world over bringing her lighting and camera skills to organi

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